Shawn Michaels On The Hardest Aspect Of His New WWE Job

As Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative for WWE, Shawn Michaels wears plenty of hats. And while the bulk of his responsibilities lie within promoting and developing "NXT," HBK is more used to occupying space in the background. With Paul Levesque (fka Triple H) now running the show as WWE's Chief Content Officer, the WWE Hall of Famer has even more on his plate. On an episode of "The Ringer Wrestling Show," he touched on the biggest adjustment he's had to make.


"Usually Hunter is the one that's out there in front of the cameras doing all the talking for NXT," Michaels said. "But his responsibilities have grown. It also means that mine have grown. The image of NXT still needs to be represented; that falls on me. Clearly I'm thrilled to be able to do that."

While the on-screen product has shifted drastically since Triple H's return, "NXT" has seen a recent rebirth of its own. The Heartbreak Kid will remain at the center of that, taking on every challenge along the way.

"It is a new role for me," Michaels continued. "I usually am more comfortable behind the scenes in doing my job, but this is an exciting new time. I love the men and women in NXT. I love helping them out. The hardest aspect of the job for me, to be perfectly honest, is getting out there and promoting NXT."


And while he understands how much work remains, Michaels feels up for the challenge — even though it means taking on the mantle of Triple H.

"It's intimidating to have to follow in the footsteps of everything Hunter created here."

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