AEW Personality Speculates On Mandy Rose's Next Move In Wrestling

AEW announcer Tony Schiavone is putting himself in Mandy Rose's shoes over the circumstances that led to her being released from her WWE contract, and he is also expressing support for her decision to maintain a financially lucrative FanTime page to earn a lot of supplementary income.


Speaking on his "What Happened When" podcast, Schiavone compared Rose's situation to a daydream of winning a major lottery jackpot. The connection, Schiavone noted, was that Rose was making a lucrative profit from FanTime – reportedly $500,000 from her subscription-based content in just the first week since she exited WWE –- and that it made sense to go where the big money is.

"My first thought was, if I had that kind of money, what could I do with it in the wrestling business?" he continued. "And then as I drove a little bit further down the road, I thought, 'F*** that. I'm going to buy a f***ing boat.' Yes, and I'm just going to lounge around on the boat. I'm not going to be in the wrestling business anymore. Why would you want to take that money and work?" Schiavone added that being in Rose's position meant there would be no further need to shoulder the burdens of extensive travel, locker room drama, politics, and the physical toll required to be a professional wrestler.


As for the former "NXT" Women's Champion's future, Schiavone admitted that he didn't know "how passionate Mandy Rose was for the business." He theorized she would be back in the ring if "she wanted to be one of the top stars," but he speculated she was probably done with wrestling if creating content for FanTimes can earn her a good living.

"It's just putting myself in her position," he said. "If I had another money stream –- big money stream, which obviously it is –- I would be done with it."