Athena Gives Behind-The-Scenes Look At Creating Ring Gear For ROH Final Battle

Newly-crowned ROH Women's Champion Athena has always been one to turn heads with her fantastical outfits inspired by video games, film, and realms of geek. Even during her days as Ember Moon in WWE, Athena was known for adding accessories to her entrance gear that made her overall aesthetic next-level. At ROH's recent pay-per-view — Final Battle — Athena donned a white, hooded vest with red foil giving the appearance of blood spatter and handprints. There was also a large circle on the back and large googly eyes to pay homage to the theme of her outfit, the critically acclaimed film "Everything Everywhere All At Once."

Earlier today on Twitter, Athena posted a video that gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to make her Final Battle entrance attire. She wrote that her first idea was "too bland," so she switched things up to the foil-made blood. With the use of glue and a hairdryer, Athena created the specific patterns she wanted with the foil before then setting her signature LED signs to say things like "Everything Everywhere All At Once" and "#andnewROHChamp." She noted that the vest took nearly 7 ½ hours to complete. Unfortunately, the giant googly eyes she had attached to the back of the vest didn't make it to the event, but in her tweet, she failed to explain what happened to them.

Ring of Honor's Final Battle was a major milestone in Athena's career as she won her first ROH Women's Championship, defeating Mercedes Martinez. It would also appear that she is primed to play a key role on the upcoming weekly ROH television show announced for next year for ROH's revamped Honor Club.