Evil Uno Admits AEW Faction Made Bad First Impression

Although AEW's Dark Order faction has, at points, been one of the most beloved stables in the promotion, at least one of its founding members appears regretful about how the group first made its debut.

Dark Order has received some of AEW fans' warmest welcomes each time they've come to the ring in the years following its late leader Brodie Lee's death, but the group wasn't always on the crowd's good side. Its founding members, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson, first crashed onto the scene as heels in 2019 and often destroyed everyone in their path – starting with blindsiding Best Friends, Angelico, and Jack Evans at AEW's first Double or Nothing event in their debut. The group went on to become somewhat of a vortex spinning through the AEW locker room, gaining nine members at the height of its faction, sometimes including unidentified "creepers" who would sometimes add to the threat.

But since Lee's death in late 2020, Dark Order has adopted a semi-open door policy for its members and its reputation quickly tilted the group into babyfaces.

"We had a very bad first impression, that's all," Evil Uno told Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp this week, joking about his and Grayson's heel debut.

Evil Uno, a.k.a. Nicolas Dansereau, said the group has become more of a "family the last two years" in the wake of Lee's death. "It was very dramatic for all of us," he said. "It was our absolute lowest, on a personal level, but what blossomed from there was we actually became a family. We were a unit at first – we were a group of wrestlers who had a common goal – but now I actually trust every single member...I genuinely care for every member of the Dark Order."