The Dark Order has gone a little too dark recently due to some reported exits, but one original member, Evil Uno, says the faction is still alive.

Speculation began on Tuesday of another member of the faction leaving the Dark Order as Alan Angels blacked out his Twitter profile and tweeted that he’s “Excited for what’s next.” Uno, who caught wind of the buzz on social media, kept his tweet simple as well, simply saying, “Dark Order is not dead.”

Angels was one of the people to retweet Uno’s sentiments, but so did a fan criticizing Uno for not wishing his Super Smash Brothers partner, Stu Grayson, well when he left AEW earlier in the year. Uno actually did wish his partner well days following Grayson’s exit by tweeting, “Stu Grayson is one of the best performers in the world. Whatever he does next, Evil Uno knows he will continue to be one of the best. #SSBForever”

Grayson responded to the fan’s inaccurate take:

“He didn’t have to make a public statement,” Grayson tweeted. “We see each other almost everyday, we talk about important stuff face to face. He also knows that I don’t like technology and only check my phone when I’m not busy and that’s rare.”

Grayson, who originally debuted with AEW at Double or Nothing in 2019, revealed that his contract expired on April 30 and wished everyone well upon his exit.

As far as Angels is concerned, his exit from the company was confirmed by Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, but Angels is expected to still work with AEW on a per-date basis. He did pair up with Uno for his NJPW Strong debut as the two competed in the Openweight Tag Team Title tournament.

The remaining members of Dark Order include Uno, 10, John Silver, Alex Reynolds, Colt Cabana, and -1 — Anna Jay’s ties to the faction don’t seem as strong as before, but her departure from Dark Order hasn’t been made official, either. Dark Order reached new heights under the leadership of the late Brodie Lee and found some momentum in their friendship with “Hangman” Adam Page, but the faction hasn’t been a prominent feature on AEW television recently.

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