Evil Uno Comments On Stu Grayson Leaving AEW

One of the first talents signed to All Elite Wrestling, Evil Uno, is entering a new phase of his career.

With his best friend and longtime tag team partner, Stu Grayson, choosing to decline his most recent contract offer, Uno is turning the page in AEW. Speaking with NBC Sports Boston's "Ten Count", Uno shared details about how he and his closest friend are feeling at this time.

"It's a little weird ... You know, he's my friend so I have an understanding of what he was going through," Uno said. "It's not like it took me by surprise, this was a mutual decision [with AEW]. He wanted something out of his contract and they did not have that for him and he wasn't going to continue if it wasn't for that. And he was fine walking away, and he's not upset in any way."

Uno and Grayson have been teaming together on and off since the early 2000s, using the tag name of "Super Smash Brothers" on the independent wrestling scene. They were signed as two of the first wrestlers brought into AEW in 2019, which was when they were repackaged as darker personas and introduced The Dark Order stable to the world.

"I navigated most of my wrestling career with him by my side and now, I'm kind of doing it on my own again. There was a short period of time I did it in the 2010s where we weren't a team anymore, so it's going back to that but now it's on national television which is a lot harder."

Being part of a stable with many talented wrestlers like John Silver, Pres10 Vance, and the late, great Brodie Lee, it's not always easy to stand out among the crowd. Stu Grayson had numerous impressive showings on "Dynamite", "Rampage", "Dark", and other AEW shows, but Uno thinks that his exceptional in-ring skills may have gone somewhat unnoticed.

"... I'm sure Stu, wherever he does land, will do fantastic as well because he's truthfully one of the best wrestlers probably in the world and I think most people are just unaware of it."

If you use any quotes from this interview, please credit NBC Sports Boston's "Ten Count" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.