Vice Media Expecting To Fall Over $100 Million Short Of 2022 Revenue Goal

Vice Media, a popular digital media and broadcasting company that often produces content about professional wrestling will miss its 2022 revenue goal. A Wall Street Journal report released earlier today says people close to the situation indicate the company is missing the bar they set of $700 million in revenue and will likely generate around $600 million this year. This comes at an unideal time for Vice, as they have recently been in talks with Greek broadcaster Antenna Group to be sold. The two companies have been working in tandem to elevate Vice into the International news world.

Vice's work has been popular amongst professional wrestling fans ever since they debuted their "Dark Side of the Ring" documentary series in April 2019. Since then, the company has tried to keep the fanbase watching with specials like "The 9 Lives of Vince McMahon" and the more recent series produced with assistance from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson – "Tales from the Territories." In a September 2022 interview, "Dark Side of the Ring" co-creator Jason Eisener confirmed their team is currently in the brainstorming process for season four.

Vice Media continues to struggle since a record valuation of $5.7 billion five years ago when ad revenue was heavily invested in growing digital media companies. Today, their sought valuation of $1.5 billion might be difficult to obtain due to missing the mark of $700 million in 2022 revenue. Ripple effects are being felt throughout the company, with people close to the matter claiming Vice is laying off staffers, including employees at its Munchies and Noisey brands. Vice's complete list of assets offered to potential buyers includes Vice News, Motherboard, female-focused Refinery29, and Vice TV.