Booker T Says AEW Fans Are Like A Cult

The online wrestling community can be a brilliant place full of people engaging in great conversations, with Tony Khan even taking ideas from them. However, as is the case with everything on the internet, there are negatives that come with wrestling fandom. The competition between WWE and AEW has only intensified that, as people have picked sides to defend, rather than enjoying all that the business has to offer. During the latest episode of his "Hall Of Fame" podcast, one person claimed that AEW fans are like a cult, to which Booker T responded, "You know, I agree 100 percent," which is due to how they defend the product and respond to any negative comments about the company.

"I wouldn't say all of them, I'm not going to say all of them, but a lot of them," he clarified. "Sometimes they're just looking for it. It's like being in a relationship, you know where you got one of those girlfriends that's just looking through your phone all the time, just looking for something ... making up excuses to have a fight, stuff like that, that's the way AEW fans are." Booker T admitted he hopes they listen to his comments and think, "Oh, wait a minute he's right," as the WWE Hall Of Famer clearly wants to see people getting along in the wrestling world, no matter who they support.

"You could be talking about something totally irrelevant to AEW and they're like, 'Wait a minute, he's talking about AEW, did he say Kenny Omega?' It's that kind of stuff, it's like they're paranoid," he said. "Relax, no one's thinking about AEW that much enough to where we're going to try to talk in code about it."

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