Tony Khan Admits He’s Received Ideas From AEW Fans On Twitter

AEW President Tony Khan was a recent guest on the Swerve City podcast where talked about Elon Musk buying Twitter. He admitted to not knowing him, but Khan does think the social media platform is important for wrestling. He believes that there is a huge connection for those on wrestling Twitter.

"No, my dad knows [Elon] really well. I don't know him at all, my dad knows him from the automobile business. I think they've interacted a number of times, I don't know him," he said. I think Twitter is really important for pro wrestling, there's a really big network of people. Fans, and obviously wrestlers, and people in the business and around the business.

"All kinds of people unite and bond every week over wrestling on Twitter, every day. Honestly, the fact is Twitter is a place with a lot of engagement, and I think we should embrace, for us, that for wrestling there are a lot of people who care about wrestling on there, wrestlers and fans. They have found a really special connection, and it holds up every single week where wrestling is the top trending thing on the platform on a Wednesday night and a Friday night."

Tony Khan has always been open in saying he does use some of the ideas he sees from fans on Twitter. A recent example was AEW creating the moving graphics for the upcoming match between CM Punk and Hangman Page.

"I do think we get good ideas from it, being connected with the fans and the other wrestlers. You get ideas. Not every idea is possible, sometimes there are good ideas you just can't do," he said. "There's probably, with one or two wrestlers alone, there's probably 76, 78 different opponents that they could have, but there are only so many people you can wrestle, especially at the same time.

"I think you do get great ideas from there, and how do you incorporate them? But there are some simple things like I saw somebody saying we should use the moving graphics for the PPV. I was going to shoot Punk and Hangman for their match this past week. But then Hangman had COVID so he was out, so we are going to shoot him next week. But we shot Punk, and people were really excited, and it was this guy [on Twitter]. I told him it was a good idea."

The future of Twitter is unknown as to whether or not any changes will end up being made. But Tony Khan wants to see the community continue for wrestling fans.

"I just hope it's still a great place for wrestling fans and wrestlers to come together," Tony said. "A lot of people have negative experiences with it too, but people keep coming back. There's a big community of wrestling fans on Twitter, so hopefully, he will do great with it. For all the negatives, I think there are overwhelming positives about wrestling on Twitter."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Swerve City with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.