Mike Mansury Opens Up About Joining AEW

Mike Mansury is in full swing at AEW and he's opened up about joining the promotion. The former WWE Vice President of Global Television Production is now AEW's Senior Vice President and Co-Executive Producer. Appearing on "The Sessions with Renee Paquette," Mansury revealed what made AEW appealing to him.

"That was such a big part of the allure of AEW is it's three, four years old at this point," Mansury said. "Best part about it is that everyone there knows that this is still being built. I don't wanna call it work in progress, but it's this amazing thing, it's like finding this amazing gem hidden somewhere and you know that it's not even polished and presented to its full potential."

Mansury said that AEW CEO Tony Khan and AEW Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh were very inviting when talks between both sides began. Mansury said he wanted to focus on his work with MMA promotion ONE Championship in Singapore before he ultimately decided to join AEW. 

He also praised the talent in AEW. He feels there is untapped potential with TBS Champion Jade Cargill in terms of her presentation, and he also put over Ricky Starks, AEW World Champion MJF, and FTR.

Mansury recalled the days of the "Monday Night Wars" when he would switch back and forth between watching "WWE Raw" and "WCW Nitro," and talked about one key element that's missing from wrestling shows.

"I miss the unpredictable nature of live TV," Mansury said. "I feel like that's something that's been lacking for a long time because for a while there was really nobody for WWE, and now here comes this strong powerhouse in AEW that's become a viable place for people to go and work."

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