Jim Ross Addresses Status Of AEW House Shows In 2023

House shows are non-televised events that give wrestlers the opportunity to develop their craft and work longer matches from out under the cameras. These live events also provide talent with the time to interact with fans in attendance and further build that connection. The "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown" rosters hit the road pretty regularly in order to reach a wealth of different cities, and the "NXT" developmental brand continues to hold house shows spread across Florida, in addition to television tapings. This allows WWE's young stars to get in more reps as they attempt to become the WWE main roster stars of the future. While WWE has done house shows for decades, AEW — which has only existed for about 3 ½ years — has yet to get into the non-television events game, holding only one event of this nature to date.

On a recent episode of "Grilling JR," AEW commentator Jim Ross talked about the possibility of AEW regularly doing house shows within the next year. "I believe in 2023 that AEW will be in the house show, live event, live event business to some degree," Ross said. "I just think that it's an opportunity that can be capitalized upon if, if, if AEW is strategic in their planning. I think that's what Jeff Jarrett's working on."

As it stands, AEW's entire business model is based almost entirely around two weekly television programs, "Dynamite" and "Rampage," and the accompanying pay-per-views. However, as seen by WWE's recent earnings report, touring with live events can be an avenue for significant revenue coming into the company. Therefore, in addition to the benefits to AEW's roster that comes with more opportunities to wrestle, it also creates more financial stability for the promotion in the long run as well as an expansion into more markets as a brand.