Madusa Shares Her Thoughts On WWE Releasing Mandy Rose Over FanTime Content

Mandy Rose was recently released by WWE after posting adult content on her subscription-based FanTime page. It seems that Rose is going to make some serious bank now that she's gone from WWE, but there are fans and pundits who feel that firing her was an extreme reaction. At the same time, others are of the opinion that Rose's release was justified as WWE has a PG image to preserve.


During a recent interview with "The Wrestling Perspective Podcast" (h/t Fightful), WWE Hall of Famer Madusa shared her thoughts on the Rose situation. Madusa praised the former WWE Superstar for going to "NXT" and reinventing herself, claiming that she was "doing good and it was beautiful to see." However, while she likes Rose as a person, the Hall of Famer feels that she might have broken WWE's rules.

"Her and I get along great, and I feel that if you're under contract, you know what the rules are, if you want to try to push the envelope, you know what the ramifications are." Madusa said.

Madusa went on to say that Rose's decision to start a FanTime page might have been right for her, but maybe not for the contract agreement she signed with WWE. "If you know you're going into the contract and signing with a company with these rules and regulations of what you can do and what you can't do, then you should know the rules, right?"


However, Madusa also said that it'd be a huge double standard if Rose was fired without being given a warning by WWE officials. She noted that male wrestlers often get second chances for breaking the rules, and she hopes that the company has the same protocols in place when dealing with female stars.