Konnan Reveals Which WWE Star Offered Him A Kidney For Transplant

It was first reported at the beginning of the year that Konnan needed a new kidney transplant, with his initial donor kidney from 2007 having outlived its usefulness. As of this writing, he has still not found a suitable donor, but on the latest episode of his "Keepin' it 100" podcast, he revealed that he hasn't been at a loss for volunteers to get tested and donate their kidneys. In fact, that list includes a WWE Superstar who also happens to be Konnan's godson.

"It's an ongoing thing to get a f*cking kidney donor," he explained (h/t WrestlingNews.co). "I actually have seven people from the show, and believe it or not bro, this is beautiful, do you know who offered me their kidney? Dominik and [his siter] Aalyah, both." 

Donating one of his kidneys would likely have ended Dominik's wrestling career. However, it appears that they're close. Konnan has discussed his relationship with Dominik on and off lately, telling Wrestling Inc. in September about the advice he's offered his godson about how to improve himself as a heel character.

Konnan provides an update on his health

During the aforementioned podcast episode, Konnan gave a broader update on his health in light of his latest bout with kidney failure. "I was in terrible shape," he said. "This is the worst year that I've ever been in. This was a great year for me professionally, but health-wise, it was the worst year of my life."

He continued, "There were two times this year where I honestly thought, you know, just being very honest, and I don't really talk too much about myself that I was going to end the year alive. You know, I was very weak, very weak, really bad shape, despondent, sad, skinny. I lost 70 pounds and just in really bad shape."

Konnan added that he now attributes his kidney issues to a more unusual, non-drug-related cause. "What actually happened is, I was in an extreme match in Tijuana," he said, "and a ladder came all the way from the top and I was looking the other way, and it landed and it fu**ing broke my kidney and I didn't even know it because I just thought it was normal pain."