Drew McIntyre Believes WWE Could Run A Major Show In France

WWE is a global entity, and fans from around the world are always clamoring for events to take place in their countries. While WWE often tours the globe with live events around Europe and in other countries such as Japan and Canada, it is rare that premium live events take place outside of North America. However, that is something that Drew McIntyre believes can change, as he explained on the recent Holiday episode of "WWE Raw," by telling Corey Graves, "I believe we can take it all across the world."

"If there's a demand for the WWE product, we're going to be there," he said. "Why not somewhere like Paris, France? They have a little stadium called the Stade de France, it can fit 80,000 people, I know we can fill that thing."

The United Kingdom got a long-awaited PLE this year, and that was something that fans had pushed to have for a very long time. That's something for which McIntyre flew the flag as well, and he believes that the WWE Universe is powerful; he urged fans to "make your voice known on social media, that's how things happen now." The Scotsman got the chance to headline Clash At The Castle earlier this year against Roman Reigns and, following the success of the event, he believes "there should be one every year."

"I absolutely know there's an audience for it, we've shown the world that right now at Clash At The Castle," he said. "They were electric from the first match all the way through to the main event, and I knew they would be."

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