Erick Rowan Comments On Bray Wyatt's WWE Storyline

Former WWE World Champion Bray Wyatt made his return at Extreme Rules in September, after being gone from the company since his release during summer 2021. Since returning to a massive reaction from the fans in attendance, Wyatt has introduced a character known as Uncle Howdy on "WWE SmackDown." Along with introducing this character, Wyatt has also entered a feud with fellow "SmackDown" star LA Knight. Former Wyatt Family member Erick Rowan discussed tuning in to see Wyatt's return to the company, and recalled the last time he watched WWE programming.

"I don't watch often, but I watch for certain people," Rowan said to "WrestlingNewsCo." "I was sure to, you know, watch his debut and what he said and I think the last time I watched anything that happened was Crown Jewel because I was curious to see what he would do on that show." Despite being back in WWE for over three months, Wyatt has yet to wrestle on WWE TV or on a premium live event. Wyatt's only match to date during this run came on the December 26 Madison Square Garden live event — defeating Jinder Mahal. On a recent episode of "SmackDown," Wyatt finally brought Uncle Howdy out of the back for all to see following a beat-down from Knight.

A combination of the lack of in-ring competition and slow-burn story of his feud with Knight has led some fans to critique Wyatt's return. With criticisms being drawn towards Wyatt concerning the current storytelling taking place, Rowan said, "It's a story." He continued, "I know most wrestling fans don't have a lot of patience these days. ... It's kind of like watching a soap opera ... you have to watch it every day to be clued in on what happened."

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