Big Question Answered As Uncle Howdy Appears Live On WWE SmackDown

It's now crystal clear that Uncle Howdy is not Bray Wyatt's alter ego, and is in fact, a separate individual trying to guide Wyatt on the right path.

On the 12/16 "WWE SmackDown" in Chicago, Illinois, LA Knight once again stormed down to the ring to accuse Wyatt of ambushing him in the backstage area over the past few weeks, despite Wyatt's repeated plea of innocence. Wyatt claimed that Knight was "barking up the wrong tree" and that had yet to lay a finger on Knight. However, Wyatt admitted that Knight was justified in being skeptical, and was willing to give him one last chance to make peace. Just as Wyatt entered the ring, Knight launched at the former Universal Champion with stiff right hands and stomps, with a defenseless Wyatt laying in the ring.  

In the midst of Knight beating down on Wyatt, Uncle Howdy showed up on the TitatonTron and repeatedly uttered the following words: "Pig, what have you done?" Uncle Howdy then asked Knight if he wanted to "see something really scary" even as Knight continued to rain down on Wyatt with kicks. 

Moments later, Uncle Howdy showed up on stage and began laughing maniacally, propelling a spooked-out Knight to retreat from the ring. The segment ended with a confused Wyatt looking on. 

Uncle Howdy first showed up on the 10/28 "WWE SmackDown" during a segment where Wyatt "addressed his demons" and claimed he no longer needed "to hide behind masks." In subsequent weeks, the mysterious figure continued to interrupt both Wyatt and Knight with TitanTron videos interspersed with images of Wyatt's old personas and even shots of Knight and Wyatt's recent issues. The videos seemingly goaded Knight into taking action, and Wyatt to "stop lying" and reveal his true self. On November 25, Uncle Howdy teased unmasking himself, and directed fans to a message from Wyatt's psychiatrist, who claimed that the wrestler was "a danger to himself and others." 

It was initially presumed that the mysterious figure was Wyatt's alter-ego in the same vein as The Fiend. Another theory doing the rounds on social media was that Uncle Howdy is none other than Bo Dallas – Wyatt's real-life brother – who is rumored to return to WWE.