WWE Teases Big Change To Bray Wyatt Character On WWE SmackDown

The Bray Wyatt – LA Knight storyline took a bizarre twist on the 11/25 "WWE SmackDown" as Wyatt denied any role in Knight suffering a beatdown the previous week. 

In an emotional in-ring promo, Wyatt made a reference to The Fiend — his alter ego last seen in a match against Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37 — while explaining why he had no motive to attack Knight. 


"My entire life I've been looked at like a rabid animal, but I am not," Wyatt said. "And I know exactly what most people want to see out of me. They just really want to see The Monster, right? They just want to see The Fiend. Well, that's not the man I want to be anymore."

Wyatt reiterated that fans perceived him as a "violent man" because "violence" was the only language he had spoken in the past. 

"I have to be truthful," Wyatt said. "I am not the one that attacked LA Knight." 

At this point, Uncle Howdy appeared on the TitanTron to deliver the following message: "Open your eyes, they can make you believe anything, he'll make fools if you listen to him. A snake in a cage is still a snake. Wake up." 


Uncle Howdy's appearance was interspersed with images of Wyatt's old personas, including his Wyatt Family cult leader gimmick, The Fiend, and even his time as Husky Harris as part of New Nexus. Furthermore, Uncle Howdy teased unmasking himself at one point as the text "It's coming" flashed on the screen. The video also included the number "888-280-3999" flashed on the screen. Upon calling the number, fans were directed to a message from Wyatt's psychiatrist, who claimed that the wrestler was "a danger to himself and others," according to Fightful.

The Wyatt – Uncle Howdy segment was immediately followed by a backstage promo featuring LA Knight

"Lemme talk to ya," Knight began "I didn't get to enjoy Thanksgiving 'cause seven days ago [I was] minding my own business, and the next thing I remember is being pulled out of a pile of trash. Now, that human trash bag can vomit his lies to the world. It took me everything to come here. If I could appear in front of him, I'd ask him whose game is it. LA Knight's. Yeah!"

Later in the night, Knight was once again shown laid out in the backstage area, presumably smashed against a door by a roadie box. The Knight – Wyatt storyline began on the 11/11 episode of "WWE SmackDown" where Wyatt struck Knight with a headbutt in a backstage segment. Subsequently, Knight slapped Wyatt twice on last week's show, following which he was found lifeless amid a pile of garbage in the backstage area.