Previous WWE Management Was Opposed To No-Cut Clauses In Contracts

WWE has seen a massive amount of releases over the last few years, with "budget cuts" named as the primary reason. This pattern has led some free agents to inquire into a no-cut clause when negotiating a contract with the company, according to Fightful Select.

A no-cut clause would inherently prevent a premature release from a talent's deal, possibly enticing them to officially sign aboard. However, Vince McMahon was "vehemently against the idea" during his last run as WWE chairman and CEO, and perhaps "stuck in his ways."

Although McMahon was not in favor, other WWE officials were. At the time, WWE President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan reportedly seemed open to the concept of a no-cut clause. In the end, though, McMahon made the final call to exclude no-cut clauses in contract negotiations, further adding to his power of releasing talent at any point of their tenure. Though some potential signees inquired about the respective clause, none were swayed away by its absence.

Since McMahon's retirement this summer, Nick Khan has assumed a new position as Co-CEO beside Stephanie McMahon. With Paul "Triple H" Levesque later promoted to Chief Content Officer, the three emerged as the major influences in the company, utilizing their power to bring back a myriad of previously released talent. 

While the exact parameters of contracts drawn up under the new WWE regime remain unclear, no mass roster releases have occurred. The company did part with several NXT UK talent in light of the brand's hiatus, however, as well as several developmental talents receiving their releases from NXT as well.