AAA Reportedly Wanting To Work With Top Promotion

After seeing the coordination between AAA and WWE in action this past week during AAA's Noche de Campeones for Dragon Lee's announcement of signing with WWE, it would appear that AAA is doing what they can to engage in building a working relationship with WWE. The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that AAA is definitely pushing to make something happen, especially given the circumstances surrounding Lee; the AAA World Tag Team Championship was put on a departing talent but, in doing so, his victory came over the AEW tag team of FTR. 

In the process, Lee was congratulated on his new wrestling home — set to be the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida first as he joins "NXT " — by AAA owner Dorian Roldán via Twitter, a courtesy that wasn't extended to talents such as Bandido, Rush, or the Lucha Brothers when they signed with AEW. Additionally, WWE tweeted footage of Lee's announcement in which Lee was still holding his freshly won title belt. WWE showcasing a championship from outside the company that had previously been seen a good amount on AEW programming seems to build and expand upon their recent willingness to mention and interact with outside wrestling companies, something also seen in allowing Shinsuke Nakamura to wrestle The Great Muta in Pro Wrestling NOAH

WWE couldn't have used footage with the AAA Tag Team Championship without AAA's permission. However, AAA gave the green light and accommodated WWE in introducing Dragon Lee as an important new acquisition, displaying a deep level of communication and agreement between the two companies.