Eric Bischoff Calls Longtime Wrestling Journalist 'Delusional'

December 28 officially marked 25 years since Starrcade 1997 — an event that ended with an extremely controversial main event still talked about today. Sting had been built up for about a year to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship clean, only for "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan and others to be displeased the day of the show due to believing that Sting was unmotivated and out of shape. Within the match itself, there was a "fast count" by referee Nick Patrick that wound up being pretty normal, making it seem like Hogan actually won. 


While appearing on an "AdFreeShows" watch-along, former WCW boss Bischoff discussed the finish of Sting vs. Hogan. "We had all talked about the finish for weeks, months — the idea that Sting would go over in, you know, spectacular fashion at this amazing event," Bischoff said. "It wasn't until the day of that Hulk started having some issues and eventually so did I. I had to side with Hulk."

Bischoff and wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer have never been known to get along, and that trend will seemingly continue. Bischoff let loose his candid thoughts on Meltzer after co-host Conrad Thompson shared Meltzer's recent statements regarding the situation, which asserted that he was told the final finish months in advance. "Dave has convinced himself that something that never really happened actually happened," Bischoff continued. "Dave is delusional ... Over time, people that keep telling the same stories over and over again, they tell them, every time they tell that story, they gloss it up a little bit ... Over 25 or 30 or 35 years as in Dave's case, all of a sudden now, I wasn't making a move without calling Dave Meltzer first." Meltzer has since responded to Bischoff's most recent comments, tweeting: "Who had the over/under on him name calling and denying the obvious."


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