Jeremy Borash Shares Funny Don West Story

On Friday, December 30, 2022, the wrestling world was saddened to learn about the death of former TNA/IMPACT Wrestling announcer Don West. The color commentator, aged 59, had been suffering from brain lymphoma, which returned for the second time earlier this year. Following the announcement of his passing, stars from WWE, IMPACT, AEW, and other promotions paid their respects to West and his family, including his former colleague Jeremy Borash.


Borash, who worked with West in IMPACT, took to Instagram on Sunday and posted an emotional tribute to his friend. The post, which was accompanied by a photo of West and Borash, describes West as "one of the funniest people I've ever met and an absolute sweetheart of a human being."

Borash also shared a funny story about West, revealing that his old colleague had a fictional friend named Sam Levitas, whom he'd always mention whenever he wanted to downplay people's accomplishments. According to Borash, West would always tell stories about the non-existent person in a serious tone as well.

"Anytime someone in conversation would brag about an accomplishment, he would casually mention, as serious as can be, that his friend Levitas had done something similar, but better and more impressive," Borash revealed. "If you hit a 500-foot home run, Levitas once hit a 502-footer blindfolded and hungover. Levitas one-upped everyone, and DW knew exactly when to drop it in."


Borash concluded by stating that there won't ever be another Dom West and sent his condolences to the IMPACT legend.