Natalya Defines What Success In Wrestling Means To Her

For some wrestlers success in the business is defined by titles. For others, it is headlining specific events such as WWE WrestleMania or earning a Hall Of Fame induction. However, in her latest Instagram post, Natalya revealed that she has now seen her own piece of the jigsaw puzzle to help define what success in the wrestling industry means to her. 


"Attaining longevity while cultivating the future is like the 'pat your head and rub your stomach' trick. Not many can do it, but I'm very grateful to be someone who can," she said when reflecting on her lengthy career in the business. 

Natalya has been involved in the business since 2000, and she's been signed to WWE since 2007, making her the longest-tenured member of the women's division right now. At the moment he is on the sidelines with a nasal injury, having last wrestled at a live event on November 2, and she admitted it was "the hardest decision" to step away to focus on getting herself fully healthy.

"Normally I'd work through anything. I always have. Injuries. Deaths. Tragedies. Emotional and physical pain," she said. "Taking a break for the first time gave me a chance to reflect on what this all means to me ... I'm excited to wrestle in 2023 and for women's wrestling! I always want to make that my top priority, to continue to contribute as much as I can to women in this sport— to give back to all the women who gave to me."


It is currently unknown when Natalya is expected to be back in the ring, and whether or not she will immediately seek revenge against Shayna Baszler, who caused the injury in the storyline with a knee strike to the face.