Chris Jericho Donates $10,000 To Charity Of Injured NFL Player

During Monday night's NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals, 24-year-old Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest after colliding with an opponent. The incident occurred during the first quarter of the game. Medical personnel immediately entered the playing field and administered CPR. The match was ultimately suspended after Hamlin was taken to a local medical facility. 


While the world awaits further news regarding Hamlin's condition, a GoFundMe page set up by the NFL player in 2020 has seen scores of donations arrive since the incident. As of this writing, The Chasing M's Foundation Community Toy Drive – created by Hamlin to positively impact children the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic - has received $4,040,730 in donations, surpassing its intended $2,500 target. One of those contributors is current AEW star Chris Jericho. The former AEW World Champion has donated $10,000; Jericho had initially spelled his name wrong on an initial $5,000 donation, so he decided to give another $5,000 with his name spelled correctly. 

Jericho has donated to many great causes in the past, including donations to former pro wrestlers to help with their medical expenses. Some of Jericho's highest GoFundMe payments came when he contributed $5,000 each towards the funeral expenses of former ECW World Tag Team Champion Balls Mahoney and former WWE star Kamala. Additionally, the Fozzy singer donated $5,000 to the late George Floyd's memorial fund in 2020 and $5,000 to the family of Shad Gaspard following his passing that same year. 


If you wish to donate towards The Chasing M's Foundation Community Toy Drive, you can do so here