Freddie Prinze Jr. Had Plans For Specific WWE Superstars In His Coming Wrestling Promotion

To this point, Freddie Prinze Jr. has not gotten into too much detail on the upcoming wrestling promotion he has in the works, but on the latest episode of his "Wrestling with Freddie" podcast, he finally offered some insight into a few planned storylines that he had to abandon because all of the desired talent resumed working for WWE.


Prinze defended his lack of updates, stating that "when an artist releases any energy on something they're working on before it's done, it releases some of the power and the momentum behind it." Nonetheless, he confided that he was "actively working on it" and shared that he had hoped to sign Bray Wyatt, Karrion Kross, and Scarlett as the main headliners with Wyatt and Kross feuding for the championship. But when Kross and Scarlett returned to WWE last summer, Prinze had to get to work devising another storyline, this time with Wyatt as the babyface haunted by his real-life brother Bo Dallas.

"I can't really give you everything, dude but basically Taylor was the id of Windham –- he wasn't even real," said Prinze, referring to Dallas and Wyatt by their real names. "No one in the show would ever talk to him, acknowledge him, or look at him, but Windham would have full-on conversations with him. I thought it was an interesting way to put a wrinkle in their relationship that most certainly wouldn't be told anywhere else."


However, Wyatt returned to WWE in October at Extreme Rules and word has been that Dallas is expected to rejoin the company as well soon enough, perhaps as part of Wyatt's latest direction. That has left Prinze putting together what he calls Plan D, but he has ideas that involve undervalued or misused talent that he'd like to bring into the mix.