Nick Aldis Opens Up About Leaving The NWA

Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis has made headlines since November when he publicly announced he had requested his release from the National Wrestling Alliance. The announcement led to NWA suspending him for the remainder of 2022. Now that he is officially a free agent, Aldis recently spoke with "The Universal Wrestling Podcast" about his decision to move on from NWA.


"I feel like everyone else is making a bigger deal of that than I am," Aldis said. "For me, it wasn't necessarily a case of, 'Oh I can't wait to go somewhere else.' For me, it was just a case of my time here is done. It probably should have been done a year ago, but I decided to give it one more year and this time I went, 'No, this time it's definitely time for me to move on and explore new opportunities.' Things in this business, you just reach the point where you know in your gut you've done everything you can do and for me, that's a big thing. I reached the same conclusion at TNA."

Aldis takes pride in the fact that he's spent the majority of his career under contract and left both TNA and NWA on his own terms. Feeling like he's done everything he could in both companies, Aldis believes the industry thrives on having fresh blood, both behind the scenes and in the ring. Aldis sees that there hasn't been much turnover in backstage capacities in various companies, and he feels ready to explore the possibilities of getting involved elsewhere. Wherever he goes, and whatever role he lands, he's going to go all in when he signs a contract.