AEW Star Reveals Why He Appreciates Cody Rhodes

The Factory's Lee Johnson has nothing but praise for the "American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes. Johnson was not only a member of the former AEW faction, The Nightmare Family, but he's also a student at Rhodes' training facility. On the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Johnson talked about working with Rhodes and how much he learned from him.

"Cody is great...he made me such a different man, in-ring, outside of the ring," Johnson said. "Things like I would be sitting backstage and I'm slouching and he would just say 'Hey, you're slouching. Stand up tall.' You know things like that that are just things I don't even think about. Man, Cody made me such a different wrestler [and in] my mindset. He coached a lot of my matches. Even just at the school, him and I would talk consistently. So I really appreciate him."

Johnson also talks about his short-term and long-term goals. In the short term, he simply wants to gain more knowledge and learn more about the business, which was inspired by something Rhodes said to him. "Right now I'm 24 and one thing Cody always told me was you won't reach your best years until you're in your 30s."

He revealed he's been working with Billy Gunn and Jake "The Snake" Roberts, picking their brains and learning as much as he can from them. As for his long-term goals, it's the same as every wrestler: to be the best in the world. Johnson aims to not only become a world champion but hold every title. While Big Shotty fell short of capturing his first AEW title back in November, he still has a promising future ahead of him.