Eric Bischoff Speculates On What Might Draw MJF To WWE

"The Bidding War of 2024" – which refers to MJF's free agent status come the start of 2024 and the "AEW or WWE" decision he'll be faced with — has become quite the spectacle of speculation in wrestling. With many believing the current AEW World Champion could be WWE-bound, former WCW President Eric Bischoff discussed the pros and cons of such a scenario on the latest episode of his "Strictly Business" podcast.


"What are the advantages for MJF to stay in AEW?" he asked. "Job security, great payday I'm assuming, he's at the top of the card, probably will be because he's so young for the next 5, 7, 8 years," he continued. "The 26-year-old Eric Bischoff would probably bank on the stability and security until I've got enough money in the bank that I can roll some dice with my career."

Bischoff also highlighted the "creative freedom and flexibility" AEW provides that WWE does not but he also pointed out that it might be more important for MJF to look at the roster at the time and ask who is left for him to work with. Bischoff believed that someone of MJF's caliber might enjoy going head-to-head with new talent in promo battles while being able to wrestle others he's never worked with before — something that could tip the scales in WWE's favor when offers are put on the table. 


Playing devil's advocate, Bischoff also pondered what MJF in WWE would even look like, citing the jump made by "The American Nightmare" as an example of might one could expect. "Look at what Cody Rhodes has done. Cody left AEW, made a huge splash on his return to WWE on his own terms, and if you're right, is going to walk away with the WWE World Championship from Roman Reigns at WrestleMania," stated Bischoff. "It does not get any bigger than that, so if I'm MJF, I'm looking at that trajectory and I'm going, 'That could be me, I could do that.' I don't know; it's a tough one but it'll be an interesting one to follow."