Kurt Angle Believes Current WWE Star Should Be Pushed Into The World Championship Picture

Kurt Angle has held six world titles in WWE, and now currently sees massive potential in a younger star — Chad Gable. During his WWE career, Gable has mostly worked within tag teams such as American Alpha, alongside Jason Jordan, and currently Alpha Academy, alongside Otis. Gable has won tag team gold with both teams, however, he has not found success as a singles star to this point in his career. While Gable has not reached that level of stardom yet, Angle recalled what advice he gave to Gable to help him stand out.


"I pulled him aside and I said, 'Listen, you're a little undersized, you, your personality needs to be huge. You need to be charismatic and fun and entertaining,'" Angle said appearing on "The A2theK Wrestling Show." "He did it. I mean, the whole 'Shoosh' thing, you know, he is the most entertaining thing on that product lately, with that product, him and Otis. I really love those guys ... I'd really be surprised if they don't start pushing him, especially for, even for the tag team titles with Otis or the World Championship."

Angle and Gable both come from similar backgrounds — as they each excelled in amateur wrestling, and there have been many comparisons between the two. Those comparisons have begun spiking as Gable has taken on a more comedic role with Alpha Academy, one Angle was never afraid to portray. These parallels have gone so deep that Angle revealed how he was nearly in a very personal storyline with Gable a few years prior. "I think he was actually supposed to be my son," Angle said. "Vince McMahon had switched it to Jason [Jordan]. Vince has a good sense of humor."