Tony Khan Jokingly Alludes To WWE/Vince McMahon Situation

Much like he did in the summer of 2022, Vince McMahon has turned the wrestling world upside down over the last two days, as he's strong-armed his way back into power at WWE by reinstating himself to WWE's board of directors. In the midst of all the reactions and questions regarding the future of WWE, there's also of course been jokes about the situation, including one from McMahon's business rival, AEW owner and CEO Tony Khan.

Though he waited a day before posting anything, Khan emerged on Twitter early Friday afternoon to make the following reference to the McMahon story. And don't worry; he was also sure to promote tonight's episode of "AEW Rampage." "Everyone at work is being so nice to me these past 24 hours!" Khan tweeted. "I wonder why ... It must be belated holiday spirit. See you tonight on TNT for TWO hours of AEW live, Friday Night AEW Rampage + Battle Of The Belts, back-to-back LIVE. Starting at 10pm ET/9pm CT TONIGHT."

Khan wasn't done however. After a fan replied to Khan's tweet with an edited photo of AEW's boss smoking a cigar in celebration, Khan fired off another joke. "How did you get a photo of me from last night?" Khan tweeted. Khan's tweets may merely just be a precursor to one Max Caster, who will surely be doing his customary pre-match rap prior to The Acclaimed's AEW World Tag Team Championship defense against Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett on "Battle of the Belts."