Eric Bischoff Shares First Comments On Vince McMahon's WWE Return

Earlier this week, former WWE and WCW executive Eric Bischoff shared his belief that there was an 80% chance Vince McMahon would stay retired and not make a return to power in WWE. Over the course of the last 24 hours, McMahon defied expectations and reinstated himself to the company's board of directors. Speaking during a live Q&A on AdFreeShows just hours after the news broke, Bischoff shared his first impressions on McMahon's return and why he previously thought it was such a longshot.


"Vince has traditionally always made decisions that shock people," Bischoff said, citing his old rival bringing him into the company as well as the return of Ultimate Warrior. "Vince would always do what's best for business. I felt like that's probably where Vince will camp out, is on what's best for business, and my opinion on the show was that it's best for business not to create any chaos while WWE is being positioned, possibly, for sale, or at the very least beginning to renegotiate their contracts for the next go-round."

Bischoff stated that McMahon has now caused a great deal of uncertainty in the market, all during a time that could potentially cause problems for the company during negotiations. However, the WWE Hall of Famer also said that McMahon has always been one to put up a fight, so he isn't terribly surprised by the former WWE CEO not wanting to be forced into retirement against his will and taking matters into his own hands.


According to Bischoff, McMahon's motivation can't be to put himself back in control of WWE long-term, as he's looking to sell the company and wouldn't be in control should that goal be accomplished. Instead, Bischoff believes McMahon's true intention is simply to negotiate a successful sale of WWE to a major corporation.