Ricky Starks Names Favorite Match Of His Career

Ricky Starks has had some of the biggest matches of his career in recent times, challenging for the AEW World Championship against MJF, and more recently defeating Chris Jericho on "AEW Dynamite." However, neither of those ranks as his favorite as he admitted to "Rewind With Besa" the match that is No.1 in his eyes was against Cody Rhodes. 


"That was the match where I made my debut on Dynamite," he said. "That was the match that helped me get a contract with AEW. Also, too, that's one of my good friends. So that sticks out in my head [as] one of my favorite matches."

Starks was one of many top stars that challenged Rhodes during "The American Nightmare's" initial run as TNT Champion where he hosted an open challenge every week. While he came up short against Rhodes, the encounter has a special place in his heart for multiple reasons.

Rhodes is no longer with AEW but still remains someone Starks always speaks highly of due to the impact he has had on his career. He has praised Rhodes as someone who genuinely cares about him and still goes to him for advice. 


While the contest against Rhodes was a big moment in his career and is something that has stuck with him, that isn't the only match that stands out for Starks from his time in the business, admitting that his other favorite was against Darby Allin. "I had a match against him as well. So that'd be a second," he said. 

That encounter took place during the Team Taz feud against Allin and Sting in 2020, and just like Starks' other favorite match, it was one he failed to win.

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