Dan Lambert Offers Advice To CM Punk

The relationship between CM Punk and AEW, which began back in August 2021, appeared to be rosy in the early going. However, things went south after a shade over a year due to a blowup with AEW's EVPs following All Out last year; Punk has not been seen around AEW since. And while Punk certainly has his detractors in the company, there are others who still believe he brings real value to the squared circle. Appearing on SportsKeeda's "WrestleBing," Dan Lambert — who spent a reasonable amount of time around AEW in 2022 — discussed the advice he'd give Punk to capitalize on what he's really good at if he ever did return to AEW or wrestling in general.


"I'd probably advise him to pay a little bit less attention to some of the things out of the ring that might bother him and a little more on the in-ring stuff because he is just so good in that ring," explained Lambert. "He is so good at getting inside the opponent's head. He is so good at the psychological game both with the opponent and with the fans, and he's a real technical guy in the ring."

Lambert said that Punk has worked many different styles and is a fan favorite, having "gotten to the top of everywhere he's been." However, he also one of Punk's biggest flaws is that he takes his eye off the ball due to the idea that he has to let people know his true feelings all the time.

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