Uncle Howdy Has A Question For Alexa Bliss On WWE Raw

"Do you feel in charge?" Uncle Howdy repeatedly asked Alexa Bliss on the 1/9 "WWE Raw" in Birmingham, Alabama, shortly after a video flashed on the TitanTron interspersed with images of Bliss' days as an accomplice of Bray Wyatt. The video included images of a swingset from Alexa's Playground and her infamous betrayal of Wyatt at WrestleMania 36.


It's worth noting that, unlike previous weeks where she appeared frightened at the mere sight of an Uncle Howdy mask or Wyatt 6 moth logo, Bliss stood on the announcer's desk with a poised look as she stared down the TitanTron. Furthermore, she did not appear surprised to see Uncle Howdy in person!

Bliss had stepped out to explain her actions from the previous week's show, where she — seemingly hypnotized by Uncle Howdy and/or Wyatt – destroyed Bianca Belair with a pair of DDTs on the steel steps, and later proclaimed she had "gained control" in a backstage interview. Bliss had similarly attacked Belair with a flower vase on the 12/19 "Raw" upon being hypnotized by an image of the Wyatt 6 moth logo, a week after she nearly laid out the EST with Sister Abigail.


In recent weeks, Uncle Howdy's video messages to Wyatt have routinely included images of Bliss, which seemed to hint at a possible alliance between the mysterious figure and the female superstar. The consensus on social media is that Uncle Howdy could be revealed as the person who convinced Bliss to betray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36, a storyline that was never explained seeing as Wyatt was written off television and eventually fired following the event in 2021.