Eric Bischoff Discusses Dynamic Between Vince McMahon And Triple H

Vince McMahon is back on the WWE Board of Directors, and his relationship with son-in-law Triple H is a hot topic at present. Triple H has been running WWE from a creative standpoint since McMahon stepped down, and the idea of McMahon suddenly taking back creative control would seemingly strain their personal bond. Few people have seen the dynamic between the two men up close, but Eric Bischoff is one of them, and on his latest "83 Weeks" podcast, the former WCW boss insisted that he saw "genuine affection and respect" between the pair. 


"It wasn't just, 'oh, you're my son-in-law I'm going to pat you on the back at the family picnic.' No, there was a tremendous amount of respect. If something happened behind the scenes ... we don't know. That respect remains, in my opinion, in terms of Triple H's ability to manage his portion of the business," Bischoff said. "There may be more to it than I know and a week from now we could be sitting here going, 'oh my god, I had no idea,' I just don't think so."

Of course, McMahon has built a business reputation of being ruthless, and at times cold. Bischoff believes McMahon reinstating himself to WWE's board is "the most Vince McMahon thing ever," but that is just one side of him, and Bischoff has been exposed to the other side. "I have seen the opposite of that, personally, in a one-on-one situation. So opposite of that, that it gives you just a brief insight into what the rest of that personality that we don't get to see might be," he said. "I have seen that. He does have a heart, he really does have a heart. Cold as it may be, it exists."


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