Madusa Gives Her Thoughts On Kylie Rae

WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze, also known as Madusa, is preparing for the release of her first book, "The Woman Who Would Be King: The Madusa Story" in March. The former wrestler turned monster truck driver recently appeared on the "Going Broadway Podcast" to discuss her career, among other topics. During the conversation, Madusa was asked to provide her opinion on Kylie Rae.


"Oh, my God, I love Kylie Rae," Madusa said. "She's so talented, that girl, if I could take her and just—she could have the world. She really could. I want nothing but the best for her. She's very talented." 

With her days as a full-time competitor in the rearview mirror, Madusa is currently focused on producing for NWA, where she gets to work with the women's division on developing their skills. "I hope that [by] being a producer, when I speak to these kids, that I'm able to bring out that feeling for them that some of them are very special," Madusa stated. She shared that because she was labeled an enhancement talent when her career was taking off, she tries to "live vicariously" through the current generation while instilling confidence in those who need it.


"For Kylie and some of these kids, you just want to grab them and tell them what they have," Madusa added. "But, charisma—those are the ones I do spend extra time with—is that if they have it, you spend that time with them because you can't buy charisma. You can't teach it, you can't give it or lend it."

Rae currently competes on the independent scene. She recently had a WWE tryout match on an episode of "WWE Main Event" where she lost to Dana Brooke.