Molly Holly Liked WWE HOFer Despite Their Crude On-Air Comments

One would not that think that Jerry "The King" Lawler and Molly Holly would be all that similar, besides their status as WWE Hall of Famers. After all, Holly has long been described as a "saint," and one of the nicest people one would ever meet in the wrestling industry. In contrast, Lawler has always straddled the line between political correctness and controversy, from his days in the ring to his long tenure at the WWE announcers table, where he became popular for his raunchy commentary during the Attitude Era.


One of those raunchy moments came up during a Highspots Superstore virtual signing that Holly participated in recently, as the WWE Hall of Famer told a story of a time when Lawler used a particular line regarding Holly, while she was wearing an outfit she was auctioning off for the signing. Overall, Holly had nothing negative to say about "The King," even if she wished he, and WWE by extension, had focused more on her ability than her looks.

"I have always liked Jerry," Holly said. "I knew he had a job to do, and he did his job well. I didn't particularly care for the things that he said, but I never held that against him personally. 

"His job was to entertain the demographic that is watching the show, and at the time, that was all culturally acceptable and funny. So no problems with it, even though I'd have rather they talked about my athleticism. It just was what it was for the time."


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