MJF Roasts Hollywood Celebrities On AEW Dynamite

The last time MJF held a live microphone at the KIA Forum in Los Angeles, he verbally eviscerated Tony Khan, the "ex-WWE guys" in the AEW locker room, and "uneducated marks" in the audience. On Wednesday, the AEW World Champion returned to "the scene of the crime" but this time targeted — by his own description — a bunch of "D-List celebrities" in attendance.


MJF initially berated Konosuke Takeshita before directing his attention to comedian Ken Jeong.

"You may remember Ken Jeong as Mr. Chow from The Hangover," MJF said while addressing the comedian. "What was that, Ken, like 20 years ago? But, it's okay, we can still see your hit comedy series on ABC, Dr. Ken. Oh wait, we can't because it got canceled [laughs]."

MJF then went after lifelong wrestling fan, podcast host, and aspirational wrestling promoter Freddie Prinze Jr

"Speaking of people I wish would get canceled – Freddie Prinze Jr. is in the house!" MJF continued. "You may remember Freddie from She's All That. I know I don't because I was born in 1996, and unlike all of you, I'm not a dinosaur. The only thing I remember Freddie from is when he played a supporting role to a CGI talking dog [in Scooby-Doo]. To me Freddie, you ain't nothing more than a Scooby Dooby douchebag."


Just as MJF continued to roast celebrities, Bryan Danielson charged down to the ring for his scheduled match against Takeshita, forcing the champ to retreat in a hurry.

Shortly thereafter, MJF — seemingly proud of his promo — tweeted the following: "F–k, I'm really good."