MJF Reportedly Cleared Controversial AEW Promo Line With Takeshita

MJF is known for stirring up controversy, but some think he may have crossed the line with his promo on rising Japanese star Konosuke Takeshita. After Takeshita made his entrance for what would be a highly praised match with Bryan Danielson on last night's "AEW Dynamite," the AEW World Champion made his way down to the ring. Many took this as a great sign for Takeshita's future, sharing the ring with the holder of AEW's top prize. Where things went south in the eyes of many viewers was when MJF poked fun at Takeshita's last name, and told him that in America, people speak English. This prompted Takeshita to tell MJF to "kiss my ass."


Fightful is reporting that MJF cleared the promo with Takeshita ahead of the segment, so he didn't just improvise the controversial elements. Some fans simply felt the promo was in poor taste, while others went as far as to call the line about Takeshita's last name "racist." Those who oppose that view say the segment was just an example of classic heel heat. In that same promo, MJF roasted actors Ken Jeong and Freddie Prinze Jr. As mentioned, Takeshita and Danielson had a hard-hitting match that has garnered praise from around the wrestling world. Danielson ended up getting the win after applying the LeBell Lock. Takeshita never tapped out, passing out instead.

Takeshita certainly seems primed for a future main event push in AEW. Posts on social media revealed that Kenny Omega's right-hand man, Don Callis, recently had a conversation with Takeshita at a PWG event. In storyline, Callis has been scouting Takeshita's matches on certain AEW shows.