Eric Bischoff Is 'Sincerely Disappointed' By WWE Executive Exit

Eric Bischoff thinks that there's something off about the exit of Stephanie McMahon from WWE. McMahon stunned the professional wrestling world when she announced that she is stepping down from her roles as co-CEO and Chairwoman of WWE.


The change came four days after McMahon helped lead an employee meeting promising the security of her current position — along with those of Paul "Triple H" Levesque, Nick Khan, and Frank Riddick — following the reinstation of Vince McMahon. Levesque and Riddick have maintained their respective positions as Chief Content Officer and President, while Khan was promoted to become the sole CEO.

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff revealed he was initially shocked by McMahon's departure as well, but ultimately felt "sincerely disappointed," he explained on the "Strictly Business" podcast. "At a time when it's extremely critical to at least create the outward impression that it's business as usual and this high-powered team is going to continue doing what it's been doing, 24 hours later, she resigns, which is the exact opposite of that," he said.


Though the true intent behind Stephanie's abrupt exit remains to be seen, Bischoff believes it might've served as a gateway for her to return home and spend more time with her family, or perhaps, she felt she no longer needed to uphold her father's long-standing interests, as he was now back in a position of power to do it himself.

Regardless of the reason, though, the timing of Stephanie's decision was off, according to Bischoff. "If she would have resigned before she made that statement to the employees, I'd be really comfortable with that decision. But to do it a day after, it's kind of weird," he said.