Mickie James Wishes She Had Done This In Pro Wrestling Career

When it comes to professional wrestling, there isn't a whole lot that Mickie James hasn't accomplished. While her career began on the independent scene in 1999, James went on to win championship gold just about everywhere she performed — including smaller promotions such as Ultimate Championship Wrestling, Ultimate Wrestling Federation, and Premier Wrestling Federation just to name a few.


Yet whether it be her four stints as TNA/Impact Knockouts World Champion, being a six-time Women's Champion with WWE, or appearing at the Royal Rumble then as the Knockouts World Champion, she's had a legendary career in the squared circle. But regret is never too far away, and if you ask James, there's still one thing she wishes she had done. With her career officially winding down, she's opened up about the one goal she never got to tick off her list.

"I wish I would've had a chance to wrestle in Japan," James said on Fightful's "The Wrestling Perspective" podcast when asked if there was one place she wished she would've worked. "Because I've only gone with WWE, I've only gone that style." With the caveat that her "Last Rodeo" only fell under her work in the United States, James was then asked if she'd ever take the chance to go to Japan if the opportunity presented itself. For what it's worth, she wasted little time in answering.


"I would love to go, I would definitely take the opportunity to go because I've never been," she continued, before clarifying why she would jump at the chance. "I've wrestled in Japan, just not the Japanese style."