Mickie James Compares Mandy Rose's WWE Exit To Vince McMahon's Return

Mandy Rose was released from WWE the day after losing the "WWE NXT" Women's Championship to Roxanne Perez which came about reportedly due to posting risque content on her FanTime page. 

Some fans have brought her release back up in the news after Vince McMahon's return to the company, following allegations that he had illegally paid multiple women hush money in exchange for their silence following inappropriate relations. Following McMahon's return he assumed the position of Executive Chairman of the Board following Stephanie's McMahon's resignation.


Former WWE Women's Champion Mickie James discussed why she believes the Mandy Rose and Vince McMahon situations differ. "I guess I don't put the Mandy Rose thing and the Vince coming back thing on the same, even on the same level because Vince is the owner of the company," James said appearing on "The Wrestling Perspective Podcast." 

"Mandy was not an employee, she was an independent contractor of the company. So I would more like, equate hers to the Riddle situation, in the sense that he's had multiple chances and his thing ... I don't know all the ins and outs because I'm not there anymore.

Rose admitted that she had been warned about her content by WWE before her eventual release. Matt Riddle, meanwhile, has not been seen on TV since being attacked by Solo Sikoa on an episode on "WWE Raw" in December, with a reported suspension being given to him following a possible second failed test. While Riddle was not released from the company following the incident, Rose was seemingly released without a second warning.