Health Update For Superstar Billy Graham

"Superstar" Billy Graham has been dealing with a variety of health problems for the past couple of decades, but recently he suffered another serious scare after an ear infection worked its way into part of his skull and the bones of his ears. Graham's wife Valerie has been keeping fans updated throughout the situation via Facebook, and after asking people to keep the WWE legend in their prayers, she provided another announcement regarding his condition.

"They said his heart rate and blood pressure are stable enough to transfer him to the PCU on the 3rd floor so that's what's happening right now," she said. "They had to wait for him to finish dialysis before they could move him. He's nervous about being out of ICU but I explained it's because he's getting stronger."

The fact Graham is moving out of the intensive care unit is certainly a positive sign regarding his current health. The former WWE Champion had to undergo dialysis, as his kidney function had dropped significantly last week, and this was a measure put in by the doctors to try and deal with that. Valerie had previously revealed that he is currently on at least seven different antibiotics as he continues to fight through this latest bout with illness. Valerie thanked Graham's fans for their ongoing support during this time, and there is now a GoFund Me account for Graham due to the increasing medical treatment and rehabilitation costs that he is accruing.

Wrestling Inc. wishes "Superstar" Billy Graham the best with his recovery and will continue to update fans as developments continue.