RJ City Says Idea To Put Him On AEW TV Has Been Bandied About

To many, RJ City is the host of the AEW YouTube program "Hey! (EW)," where he interviews AEW stars and personalities in a comedic fashion. But many may not know that City is a long-time in-ring performer himself, having wrestled in both the American and Canadian independent scenes. He was most recently was in the ring this past December. As such, it makes one wonder if City could be seen in an AEW ring anytime soon.


In an interview with Comedy Store Wrestling, however, City seemed to throw cold water on the idea of him entering an AEW ring as a wrestler. He didn't rule out the possibility of taking "Hey! (EW)" into an AEW ring though, while also noting how much freedom he has gotten from AEW regarding his internet show.

"It was never brought up. It has not been brought up," City said of wrestling in AEW. "They know that I wrestle. I also think I'm very happy to do something different. There's plenty of wrestling on the show. I am very happy to be in my own little world. We've done almost 50 episodes now, they have not given me one note. They have not looked at my scripts once. I have no idea why. 

"They're like, 'Who do you want?' and I ask, and I get them, and these people are subjected to my idiocy. And I don't think I would be afforded that creative license perhaps on TV. But who's to say? Maybe 'Hey! (EW)' – it's been bandied about to be a segment on TV, like a 'Piper's Pit' or something. It's certainly possible. It's no more stupid than anything else."


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