Julia Hart Names Least Favorite Part Of Her AEW Run

AEW star Julia Hart has stated that the eye patch she wore was the least favorite part of her on-screen character, during a recent virtual autograph signing on Captain's Corner

As is customary, the House of Black member was asked questions throughout, and late in the signing Hart was asked about the eye patch that she wore for months while selling Malakai Black's black mist to the face and setting up her eventual heel turn. "That was definitely — probably — my least favorite part," she said, comparing it to the rest of her time in AEW so far. 


She recalled the issues she faced while wearing the eye patch and how it was especially hard when she was wrestling in the ring.

"It was so hard to see, it gave me a headache. It was itchy and sweaty and it was really hard to wrestle in. Any time I'd run the ropes, I felt like I was stumbling. And the first time I wrestled [with the patch on] was that match with Jade [Cargill], and I just couldn't see [and told her that]. I think she literally just kicked me in the face and I don't care, because I can't see, so whatever happens, happens. It was really hard. It was so hard. In cheerleading, I tore my shoulder, so lot of times I was cheering with just one arm."

Hart broke into wrestling at The Academy, the since-shuttered Minnesota school run by Ken Anderson, eventually finding her way to AEW after moving to QT Marshall and Cody Rhodes's Nightmare Factory for their first class of 2021. Thankfully, she's back to wrestling with the use of both of her eyes.