Track Star Alexis Gray Reportedly One Of Two New WWE Signings

WWE is always on the lookout for its next big stars, whether they come from a professional wrestling background or other sports. It was revealed earlier today by PWInsider that the company has secured two new recruits, one being a former track and field star from Texas Southern University.

Alexis Gray, a 25-year-old from The Bahamas, graduated from TSU in 2019 with a degree in biology and concentration in chemistry. She's clearly excited for what the future holds at WWE's Developmental Center in Orlando, Florida, as she has already added "NXT" and "WWE" to her Instagram bio.

The other signee is former college basketball player Ezekiel Balogun. Ezekiel, 25, is a 6-foot-6 Lagos, Nigeria native who played small forward for the University of North Florida. He has added the description "WWE Superstar" to his Instagram page. WWE has been especially active in recruiting college athletes since the start of its NIL {Next in Line) program, which "enhances talent through collaborative partnerships and training for promising students." 

Their most recognizable recruit thus far is Olympic gold medalist wrestler Gable Steveson, who returned to WWE last month during an episode of "WWE SmackDown." It was previously revealed that Steveson's training to become a WWE star was temporarily held up by a procedure to correct a rare heart condition known as Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. Since his return he has been working with former WWE star Ken Anderson (Mr. Kennedy) for private training while still showing up at the Performance Center on occasion to get traditional training sessions with other developing stars such as his brother, NXT's Damon Kemp.