The Dudley Boyz Tease Possible Reunion

Could fans be hearing the famous catchphrase, "D-Von, get the tables!" once again in the near future?

It certainly seems that way based on recent tweets from each of the Dudley Boyz — Bully Ray and D-Von — coming in the wake of news that the latter had parted ways with WWE earlier this week. D-Von had been working as a producer for "WWE NXT" as of late, but he revealed on social media that both parties had agreed a split was best at this time, sparking questions as to what might be next for the WWE Hall Of Famer. 

The natural answer appears to be a reunion with his former partner from Dudleyville; Bully Ray reacted to D-Von's revelation with a thinking emoji on Twitter. D-Von then responded back, adding further fuel to the speculation fire by tweeting, "Oh my brother ...... Testify !!!!!!" Bully also shared a photo of the two men together covered in the tag team titles that they have won over the years, stirring up fan talk talking about the Dudley band getting back together. 

Bully Ray has been back in the ring recently competing for Impact Wrestling, but D-Von has not had a match since a 2016 House Of Glory event. D-Von also suffered a stroke back in 2021 and has dealt with a few health issues since that may restrict him from action. But, in December he had agreed to appear at an ECW tribute show that would have paired him with Bully Ray with D-Von in his corner at ringside. WWE axed the appearance, and D-Von's job was reportedly nearly jeopardized. But the initial plans for the show prove that he certainly would be open to doing something with his former partner once again.