John Morrison Names Favorite Pro Wrestling Opponent

John Morrison has stepped into the ring with some of the biggest names in professional wrestling, from John Cena, to Chris Jericho, to Randy Orton, and The Undertaker. But there's no opponent the former WWE star would rather face than his wife, Taya Valkyrie.

In a new interview with fitness trainer Tony Horton, Morrison (aka John Hennigan) discussed his 21-year career and was asked who he's enjoyed working with the most. "My favorite opponent actually is my wife," Morrison said. "I've wrestled her twice and I'm 0-2."

Morrison and Valkyrie, who married in 2018, have squared off in two intergender matches: once in 2018 and again in 2022. Valkyrie won each match, both of which had a stipulation attached that said the loser would do the dishes at their house for a year.

"The first time she came out with all these dirty dishes and said, 'You know, when you got married to me, you promised me all these things and now you don't even do the dishes. As a matter of fact, I brought the dishes here to prove that you haven't been doing them,'" Morrison told Horton, laughing as he remembered he and Valkyrie coming up with the idea together while joking around at home.

"We've done it twice and people usually say like, 'You guys look like you were having the time of you lives in there,' and you are because you're saying all these things that are so mean, but you both know that you're joking," he said. Having lost the match twice, Morrison said he figures "one of these times her number's got to come up."

But that might be hard for the former WWE Intercontinental Champion to pull off. "She is a lot tougher than me," he confessed.