The Verdict Is In For Sami Zayn After The Bloodline's Tribal Court On WWE Raw

Sami Zayn was pronounced "not guilty...for now" by Roman Reigns during the "Tribal Court" segment that kicked off the "WWE Raw is XXX" special episode in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The segment began with Paul Heyman presenting video evidence to demonstrate that Zayn had been in cahoots with Kevin Owens all along and that he did not deserve to be a member of The Bloodline. Heyman would further implore Reigns to find "the rat bastard" Zayn "guilty as charged" for conspiring against The Bloodline for nearly a year.


After Zayn expressed that his "feelings were hurt" by Heyman's accusations, Reigns snapped at Zayn, before asking Solo Sikoa to eliminate The Honorary Uce from his family. Just then, Jey Uso — the first person to question Zayn's intentions last year — presented evidence that painted Zayn in a positive light as a member of The Bloodline. The evidence included shots of Zayn helping The Usos win key matches over the past six months, following which Jey explained why Sami repeatedly demonstrated "loyalty and love" to The Bloodline, and that he loved Zayn like a brother.  

"My dawg bulletproof," Jey said of Sami, as an annoyed Heyman fumed in the background. 

After hearing both sides of the argument, a conflicted Reigns found Zayn "not guilty" but proceeded to caution Zayn to tread lightly and to "make The Bloodline proud" by the end of the night, or else face the consequences. 


In the very next match, Zayn did make The Bloodline proud by jumping in as Jey's impromptu tag partner in The Usos' "Raw" Tag Team Championship defense against The Judgment Day. After Jimmy Uso was unable to continue due to a knee injury, Adam Pearce announced that "as per protocol," The Usos had no choice but to forfeit their titles, until Zayn stepped up to the plate. The Bloodline successfully retained their titles as fans in Philly gave Jey & Sami a rousing ovation!