Jeff Cobb Is 'Down' To Enter Royal Rumble

New Japan Pro-Wrestling star Jeff Cobb previously turned down an offer to sign with WWE, but the former IWGP Tag Team champion isn't shutting down any possibilities when it comes to where he might appear next. Speaking to Steve Fall of "WrestlingNewsCo," Cobb reaffirmed his loyalty to NJPW and shared that, while it's a longshot, WWE could always strike up an arrangement with his current employer that would see him appear in the highly-anticipated Royal Rumble.

"You never say never," Cobb said. "It all depends on if the stars line up and all that stuff. Again, if they wanted me for some odd reason, then they'd have to go through the right avenues. I don't think they could contact me directly because I don't think that's legal. ... If the stars aligned, I'd be totally down to do it."

While it doesn't seem likely that fans will see Cobb enter the fray this Saturday, it's clear that the NJPW star is open to whatever opportunities might come his way. In addition to his appearances for NJPW, Cobb recently performed during the Zero Hour pre-show for Ring of Honor Final Battle 2022, where he defeated Mascara Dorada, formerly known as Gran Metalik in WWE.

These days, however, most of Cobb's time is spent wrestling in Japan. Over the last several years, the NJPW star has become a key part of the United Empire faction, led by Will Ospreay. Cobb has competed in the G1 Climax tournament each year since 2019 and has twice held the IWGP Tag Team Championship alongside stablemate Great-O-Khan.