Mickie James Looks Back At Those Who Paved The Way In Wrestling For Her

Impact Knockouts Champion Mickie James started honing her craft all the way back in 1999. When she arrived on WWE television in 2005, James instantly rose to prominence by working with top stars such as Trish Stratus and Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon), two people she believes deserve more credit for the way they set the stage for modern women's wrestling. In a new interview with "SEScoops," James encouraged fans and fellow wrestlers to give more credit to the assortment of women that paved the way to today's success.


"I feel like we do this — and this is not just a woman thing, I think this is a wrestling thing altogether — you see so many people that have had remarkable careers and done amazing things and really pounded the pavement," James said. "And now, the business is so hot, and you see these strides, all these things you wanted: equal time, equal opportunity, equal pay. And you start to see these things come about and go, 'Oh, it's amazing.' But those people don't often get recognized for all the work."

James continued by pointing out how wrestling is all about what's happening now, but there are specific stars that made these scenarios possible. "The Miss Jackies, or Sensational Sherri, who was my idol, or Trish and Lita, Molly [Holly], Lisa Marie, you know, women who were in that era of trying to find balance," James said. "And the women that I worked with: Beth Phoenix and Nattie ,who have stood that test of time. ... "You can't build a house without the foundation."


James defeated Jordynne Grace at Hard to Kill to win the Impact Knockouts Championship and keep her career intact.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit SEScoops with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.